avatarThe workshop just cannot be compared with similar workshops I have been to before...

The involvement of every single person, with their own business issues, and problems, and goals, and successes, was just simply from another world!  The way it was structured, “forcing” everybody to be part of the process, to deliver, and join in the success of the group results was excellent! Breaking the components of “business making” down, and building it up with your own circumstances, was just perfect!

Every single person could not wait to get back home to start doing things different, or better.

- Johan de Waal
Richtersveld Tours
avatar"We wish to thank you for your outstanding work and energy during the week of our workshops. The experience was definitely a very special one and I am absolutely confident that your facilitation enabled change and inspiration for all involved. Again, thank you for your great work, we look forward to working with you again in the near future!"
- Xena Scullard
Traction Projects
avatar“Christoff Oosthuysen is an experience entrepreneur, making a real difference in the lives of the clients he works with. He keeps on challenging conventional wisdom and is not afraid to share his insight. It has been educational for me (as I am sure for many other business mentors) interacting with him.”
- Carel Venter, Strategy Consultant at Centre for Synergy Development

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