avatar“I hired Christoff Oosthuysen as a consultant to help me build a corporate focus and strategy. After being in business for 8 years I realised that we were simply fumbling along and hoping to pay the bills. In a very short space of time he helped me identify the true intention of my business and helped me form a pathway and strategy. I can highly recommend Flow Finders to anyone who feels their business is in a slump and needs some direction and purpose.”
- Tony Seifart, Owner of Webexposure International
avatar"After attending Christoff Oosthuysen's webinar where he showed us how to use the Flow Probability Square, we got so much more clarity on what our sweat spot is. We found a balance between the opportunities we pursue and our internal capacity. As a result our conversion rate tripled!"
- Andreas Becker, owner of Big Cheese Marketing
avatar“Christoff Oosthuysen is an experience entrepreneur, making a real difference in the lives of the clients he works with. He keeps on challenging conventional wisdom and is not afraid to share his insight. It has been educational for me (as I am sure for many other business mentors) interacting with him.”
- Carel Venter, Strategy Consultant at Centre for Synergy Development

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