avatar“Flow Marketing makes it easy by showing the eight steps you have to take with each marketing activity. I’ve put the steps on the wall for my staff members to be consistently reminded on the best way to keep attracting good customers.”
- JC de Gouveia, owner of JC’s Fitment Centre
avatar“Many thanks again for the session. My CEO and I were having a chat and we came to the conclusion that if it weren't for you, there would've been no direction to speak of. By ourselves, there's no way we would've achieved this. Thanks to you and your expertise in this regard.”
- Kennedy Jimba (Marketing Director, Voidcon)
avatar"After attending Christoff Oosthuysen's webinar where he showed us how to use the Flow Probability Square, we got so much more clarity on what our sweat spot is. We found a balance between the opportunities we pursue and our internal capacity. As a result our conversion rate tripled!"
- Andreas Becker, owner of Big Cheese Marketing

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