Does Effort Equal Success?

It is that time of the year again… piles of school books to cover and the obligatory “Meet The Teacher” meeting. Not that I mind the meeting  —  in fact I rather look forward to get to know a little about the person I am entrusting my precious child with for six hours or more every weekday. Only, […]

Why entrepreneurs fail ~ and what to do about it

Cacaity x Opportunity = Flow

Businesses fail for many reasons, but underlying all the possible causes there is one truth that, if better understood by the entrepreneur, would have ensured success. That truth is that to succeed you have to operate inside your “flow zone”. In my work with thousands of entrepreneurs this is the picture I draw most often, […]

Get Into Your Flow By Building On Your Strengths

On this first Sunday evening of December 2011, I’m asking myself how I can start doing more of what I’m good at and stop doing all the other stuff I feel I need to do… I get into my flow when I do what I love doing and what I know I do well; and […]

Helping your employees to find their flow

Ken Blanchard

Optimal experiences at work are within our grasp! This is what the science of positive psychology shows us today and which individuals can learn from in transforming their lives. But, you may ask, how do we translate these insights into practical business tactics? Along comes Ken Blanchard, best-selling co-author of “The One Minute Manager” and half a ton other books […]

Does passion lead to burn-out?


To have passion for what you do is good for business! Or is it? Recent psychological research suggests that some forms of passion may be detrimental, writes Scott Barry Kaufman of New York University in a Harvard Business Review article. He refers to two “flavours” of passion: harmonious and obsessive, and how it relates to […]

Busyness & interruption destroy your creativity

John Cleese is not only funny. He is also right… Listen to him explaining why being excessively busy and being interrupted will decrease your capacity for creativity and reduce the quality of your work. He says you should “sleep on it” to get the subconscious mind solving problems you are working on and follow the […]

From knowledge to creation to empathy

It’s common knowledge that the driving force in our economy is knowledge and information. However, notes Naspers’ internet head Antonie Roux in a recent Maverick article, it is creative companies that are now succeeding. “Fortune did an analysis over the last 10 or 20 years of the successes and failures in Silicon Valley. In the […]

Stuck In Holiday Traffic – Learning About Constraints


“In the Western Cape, thousands of vehicles were being recorded on the N1… Provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa said traffic was bumper to bumper on Sir Lowry’s Pass and added that they expected traffic volumes to increase later.” – Eye Witness News And there we were, along with thousands of other holiday makers, heading towards […]

Improved performance lasts through ‘self-coaching’

Foppe de Haan

I’ve long believed that managers and business coaches can learn a lot from the approaches adopted by their counterparts in sporting codes. And this week I was reminded about it again! As a recent Ajax Cape Town convert, I got to watch Foppe de Haan’s approach to managing and coaching his team. He is said […]

You already know how to be great

You already have inside of you what you need to achieve your most important goals. So what is keeping you back? You need: – Faith in yourself and others; – Fire in your commitment and actions; and – Focus in what you choose to pay attention to. These are the three elements Alan Fine says […]