To say that I liked it (the training on using the Flow Canvas planning tool) is an understatement. I live it! I live it that they (the workshop participants) could get it and relate to it so easily.

- Khuthala Madubula-Swanepoel, Director at the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning
avatarI was pleased in someone like Christoff take interest in helping me refine my dreams and achieve my goals. Going through the results of the Vitality test was the first step to an exciting journey that opened my eyes to so many things. It’s not that I didn’t know these things about myself, I just did not describe most of these traits as skills or qualities that made me successful at certain things. Christoff has a unique ability to help frame the pictures you see, then put them into words. Outside the tangible business results of seeing certain goals achieved, believing more than I did in myself was a fresh reminder of the potential I have and reinforced my resolve not to give up. Going forward I’ll be using my natural talents to better my business and personal relationships. I am very thankful to have had our paths cross and look forward to a world of learning, being inspired and putting passion into action.

- Ntsiki Mkhize
avatar"We wish to thank you for your outstanding work and energy during the week of our workshops. The experience was definitely a very special one and I am absolutely confident that your facilitation enabled change and inspiration for all involved. Again, thank you for your great work, we look forward to working with you again in the near future!"

- Xena Scullard
Traction Projects
avatar“Many thanks again for the session. My CEO and I were having a chat and we came to the conclusion that if it weren't for you, there would've been no direction to speak of. By ourselves, there's no way we would've achieved this. Thanks to you and your expertise in this regard.”

- Kennedy Jimba (Marketing Director, Voidcon)
avatarThank you for taking the time to facilitate our (Entrepreneur Organisation Cape Town Chapter) retreat. I took a lot of value from the session and have received positive feedback from the members regarding the techniques that were used and what they learned.

avatarThe workshop just cannot be compared with similar workshops I have been to before...

The involvement of every single person, with their own business issues, and problems, and goals, and successes, was just simply from another world!  The way it was structured, “forcing” everybody to be part of the process, to deliver, and join in the success of the group results was excellent! Breaking the components of “business making” down, and building it up with your own circumstances, was just perfect!

Every single person could not wait to get back home to start doing things different, or better.

- Johan de Waal
Richtersveld Tours

(We) take the opportunity to thank Mr Christoff Oosthuysen for a very informative, interactive and value-adding session that was by far above the rest and look forward to opportunities to work with him in the future.

- Lungisa Dyasi, Enterprise Development Manager, Shanduka Black Umbrellas
Shanduka Black Umbrellas
avatarI really enjoyed doing the (Flow Canvas Intensive) workshop with you. I'm looking at everything
differently from now on -- it was an eye opener for me and I now know where my priorities are!

- Nokuthula Zikhali
I have gained much clarity and perspecitive from this deceptively simple model (represented in the Flow Canvas Intensive Workshop). I particularly appreciated the way in which you were attuned to each of the participants’ needs and anxieties, and the way in which you were able to guide and challenge us through each one’s specific situation. I certainly have a clearer big picture of what, who, how, when and especially WHY!

- Ronelle van Zyl
avatarI'm so please with the clarity of my plan now (after completing the 1-page Flow Canvas). In such a short time we put on paper all the important aspects I need to take into consideration and it is clear what I need to do next.

- Snigdha Manchanda, Owner of Tea Trunk (Mumbai)
avatarI just wanted to thank you Christoff for your time with our entrepreneurs. All the feedback has been incredibly positive.

- Tej Dhami, Incubator Manager, UnLtd India (Mumbai)
avatarThe presentation about flow in entrepreneurial business was most insightful for our company. The majority of our revenue is generated from print advertising sales. Finding quality prospects and generating leads is crucial for the success of our business. The model presented is extremely straightforward, flexible in its approach and something that many of our sales staff can definitely implement. It integrates a lot of marketing methods/tools into an easy-to-follow system that can be repeated time and time again.

avatar“The day spent (on developing a Flow Canvas 1-Page Business Plan) was well worth it. This fresh way of business planning allowed us to quickly get onto the same page and we can now move forward towards our common understanding of what ASEN really is about.”

- Francois Bonnici, Board Member of ASEN & Director of the University of Cape Town GSB Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
avatar“I have worked with Christoff Oosthuysen on several projects and I highly recommend him. I enjoy his humour, his incisive mind and the fact that he always delivers what he promises.”

- Jenny Ibbotson, Director at Future Sense
avatar“Christoff Oosthuysen has the ability to bring you back to basics in a nice way and ensure that these basics are covered properly before moving on and getting too far ahead of yourself. He has valuable insights into how entrepreneurs think, and therefore act accordingly. Flow Finders is a great way of bringing this to the fore.”

- - Ian Loots, Owner of Pi Agencies
avatar“Christoff Oosthuysen is an experience entrepreneur, making a real difference in the lives of the clients he works with. He keeps on challenging conventional wisdom and is not afraid to share his insight. It has been educational for me (as I am sure for many other business mentors) interacting with him.”

- Carel Venter, Strategy Consultant at Centre for Synergy Development
avatar“Flow Marketing makes it easy by showing the eight steps you have to take with each marketing activity. I’ve put the steps on the wall for my staff members to be consistently reminded on the best way to keep attracting good customers.”

- JC de Gouveia, owner of JC’s Fitment Centre
avatar“To appoint Christoff Oosthuysen as my coach was the best business decision I've ever made. With his support we clarified the focussed benefits K2 offers and ways to connect with the customers best suited to us. And now I am empowered to succeed with my plans.”

- Jacob Krynauw, Owner of K2 Communication
avatar“I hired Christoff Oosthuysen as a consultant to help me build a corporate focus and strategy. After being in business for 8 years I realised that we were simply fumbling along and hoping to pay the bills. In a very short space of time he helped me identify the true intention of my business and helped me form a pathway and strategy. I can highly recommend Flow Finders to anyone who feels their business is in a slump and needs some direction and purpose.”

- Tony Seifart, Owner of Webexposure International
avatar"After attending Christoff Oosthuysen's webinar where he showed us how to use the Flow Probability Square, we got so much more clarity on what our sweat spot is. We found a balance between the opportunities we pursue and our internal capacity. As a result our conversion rate tripled!"

- Andreas Becker, owner of Big Cheese Marketing
avatarI learned how to use flow to engage and challenge employees.

- Andrew Cardoza, Chief Technology Officer & Founder at Mobilitrix
avatarAfter attending the Flow Finders seminar I understand that my attraction will increase when I get to the right audience and I know what value it is I am offering them.

- David Bloch, Attorney
avatarChristoff has a combination of good business instinct and sharpened analytical skills that helped us to make good decisions that were very important at the time.”

- Jacob Viljoen, Product Architect at Drizone Technologies