Finding Your Flow

Like most productive people, you probably spend more than a third of your time on work, or perhaps even more. Are you spending most of this time feeling happy?

Our aim at Flow Finders International is to help people experience the ‘sense of effortless action’ in the workplace – which we call ‘flow’.

Being in flow is when you are in the ‘zone’, when everything seems to happen effortlessly. It is when you achieve great stuff, without even trying hard. And it has one very important consequence – that of happiness in your life, or as we explain it, of ‘being in flow’!

When a person is in flow more often than not, they become ‘magnets’ that attract the people they are meant to serve.

In business, flow is often experienced when people work in teams where individuals are allowed the space to be themselves, while their role to achieve the overall goals of the team is clearly articulated, their contributions are recognised and the rules or systems to adhere to are function well.

To achieve flow, we say that you should:

Do more of what you do best and allow your teams and your systems to support the rest.

We’ll help you improve your  entrepreneurial skills, whether you’re working on your own businesses or you’re an employee working in a large company, and  give you the guidance to ‘auto-magically’ serve your Purpose and find success!