Flow Marketing

Flow Marketing CycleFlow Marketing provides a solution to those who are finding that traditional marketing no longer works in the radically transformed business landscape of today.

Marketing is no longer about finding your customers; it is about defining yourself and telling your authentic story, so your customers can find you.

In Flow Marketing:

  • The starting point is the individual who attracts the customers he or she is meant to serve.
  • The marketing cycle is continuous and follows the natural flow of ‘outbound’ activities (presenting the attraction of an individual or a business) followed by ‘inbound’ activities (consolidating relationships).
  • The marketing activities are grouped within phases (described in the Flow Marketing System as ‘archetypes’), which are in harmonious balance when flow is achieved.
  • The step-by-step framework is easy to use for entrepreneurs and employees alike, and guides them to increase their attraction with the people they are meant to serve.
  • The marketing tactics are practical, allowing the individual to stay in his or her flow throughout the cycles.