How we work

Inspired individuals, who are acquiring applicable knowledge and mastering their personal selves, are likely to find that they are experiencing flow more and more frequently.

They are more often getting into the zone of extraordinary performance, while just feeling the joy of their work.

This is when they find flow in their work.

At Flow Finders International we help our clients achieve flow through our products and services.

Our approach is based on our ability to:

  • Inspire through speaking engagements and performances.
  • Educate through seminars, workshops, events and retreats.
  • Guide personal mastery through coaching and mentoring.
  • Support performance through consulting and project or system management.

We inspire people to be in their flow by bringing thought leaders to them to speak to them about topics that resonate with them. These inspirational speakers cover the full spectrum from professional keynote speakers, to topic specialists, to edu-tainers.

Inspiration is the first step towards education and empowerment. Therefore Flow Finders International directs the inspirational outcomes of speaking and entertaining towards our educational programmes delivered through seminars, workshops and retreats.

Our educational programmes in turn lead towards deeper understanding, which participants can apply in their work environment. Education prepares them for personal mastery, which is attended to in our coaching and support programmes.

To maintain flow, individuals often work with teams and they use systems. Our consulting and project services are geared towards the ongoing performance of ‘flow masters’.