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Master YourselfToday’s BizTip is for entrepreneurs who understand that the success of their businesses start with themselves, how they organise their lives and the way they maintain their relationships.

The tip is: “Master Yourself!”

I give this tip because your business success largely depends on your own willingness to improve yourself. You should constantly develop yourself in all dimensions, including physical and emotional.

You might ask “What do fitness and beliefs have to do with business?” Well, if you are setting the example as a leader in the business without striving for personal mastery, you are setting the wrong example which will lead to disappointed customers, suppliers and team members.

Yes, its correct that for each of us the answers to striving for personal perfection are different. So, what are the challenges you face today that makes it difficult to work as an efficient leader of your business?

Here is something practical you can do to master yourself. You can start each day by identifying one thing to improve in areas such as:

  • Your physical fitness,
  • Your own effective work performance,
  • Good personal relationships, and
  • Feeling connected with the world around you.

Write these down in the morning and ask yourself at the end of the day: ‘What did I do better today?”

Remember, the success of the business depends on your approach to your own self-improvement. So, Master Yourself!

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As business improver and entrepreneurial coach Christoff inspires his clients to do more of what they are great at and enjoy doing. He serves on the consultant/mentor panels of institutions like the Industrial Development Corporation. He has been supporting entrepreneurs since the mid 90s, when he launched (and 10 years later sold) the largest publication for business owners in Africa.

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