My Balanced Business

My Balanced Business
Successful entrepreneurs work with teams and maintain efficient systems so that they can focus on the activities where they stay in their flow. They also ensure that all the areas of the business are attended to – not by themselves, but together with their team business partners and/or staff members.

The easy to understand approach of My Balanced Business serves as a reminder to entrepreneurs that their businesses should cover all the elements that should be attended to. In fact, the model shows that there are only twelve elements for entrepreneurs to keep in mind,
which can be grouped into four areas.

Businesses where there is a balance between the twelve elements flourish and the people working there find their flow. They are doing what they love to do; while the rest are happening ‘automagically’.

My Balanced Business offers support to entrepreneurs through:

  • A free online self-assessment test
  • A six-month development programme (including 3 training modules)
  • Coaching & ongoing support

For more, visit the My Balanced Business website.