Book:”Don’t Sweat! The Serious Business Owner’s Guide To Enjoying A Relaxed Holiday”

Book:”Don’t Sweat! The Serious Business Owner’s Guide To Enjoying A Relaxed Holiday”

Printed & spiral bound edition.
For many business owners holidays just brings stress, stress, stress and more stress! Instead of relaxing, this period leads to more worry!

It can be different, explains Christoff Oosthuysen in “Don't Sweat - The Serious Business Owner’s Guide To A Relaxed Holiday”.

This Guide is perfect for business owners who want to enjoy the holiday period with their loved ones, while ring-fencing an hour or so for a few days during their time away when they read through the Guide and record key thoughts on the important improvements the can make their businesses.

If you’re a business owner, the biggest benefit you’ll get from “Don’t Sweat!” is that you’ll have a plan when you get back home, which you can implement without spending the whole holiday working on it, or worrying about random thoughts you may have popping into your head!

In using the Guide you’ll learn how to:

· Sharpen your business focus so that it serves as the vehicle through which you can achieve your life dreams and leave a legacy.

· Increase your sales by allowing for seasonal changes in the benefits you offer your customers.

· Attracting more opportunities from existing and new customers in the periods before, during and after the holiday.

· Use a planning tool to achieve best results by systemising improvement of your business.

In using this approach you can achieve great success year round – including the time before, during and after the ‘silly season’.

Don’t sweat! Don’t stress about the holidays! It will be a time to relax, while you use a system to organise your business ideas.

Use “Don’t Sweat!” to see the results you deserve!

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