Grow Your Business

Christoff OosthuysenBy doing more of what you love!

Invest just 5 consulting session with Christoff Oosthuysen on ‘The ABCD of Flow in Business’ and you’ll see the difference in how you optimise your business results!

Flow Finders International offers these sessions to help your business get the balance it needs to make a good profit, while you enjoy what you are doing daily!

How will you benefit?

This programme is suitable for you if you are an entrepreneur or business owner who would like to experience considerable growth, and who is open to learning new ways of overcoming the business challenges you face day-to-day.

Flow Finders International will dedicate five sessions just to you and your business. Each half-day consists of a two-hour individual face-to-face discussion or an online call. You can fit the programme conveniently into your own diary: simply schedule the 5 days within a month, at times that suit you best. During these planning sessions, you will address the key questions of bringing flow into your business and creating space for you to do more of what you enjoy most.

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Key Questions You’ll Answer

You’ll cover the key questions in ‘The ABCD of Flow in Business’, as outlined below:

Benefit What the value is you offer (not just the features of your product or service)
How you can refine your niche so that you are well differentiated from others
How  future trends will determine development of your product or service
Disappointment How you can become a ‘master leader’ of your business
What you can do to build a productive team of staff and associates
How you can run an efficient business by perfecting your processes and systems
Attraction How you define yourself so that you live your purpose through your business
Where you show up & how do you stand out with your desired audience
Ways you can build trust relationships with customers for life
Cash What to do to ensure a good cash flow and healthy financial performance
How your business should support your life style
The best ways to build your wealth independently from your business
Contribution The legacy that you’ll leave behind at the end of your life
The best methods to reward your shareholders and your team members
How you can support effective causes that improve the world

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Finding Your Flow in Business

Limited space offer

Right now, you have the opportunity to learn how to apply ‘The ABCD of Flow in Business’ through five focussed personal consulting sessions with business improvement expert Christoff Oosthuysen. This offer is limited and based on a first booked-basis.

Christoff has extensive business experience, having established and grown entrepreneurial businesses over the past 15 years, including a newspaper for new business owners which was sold to a company in the Pearsons Group.

He is asked to give advice to a wide range of companies and businesses, from large to very small, and he currently serves on the business development panels of the Industrial Development Corporation and National Empowerment Fund.

Compared to how much time and money you may have already spent on getting your business to where it is now, the impact of this investment will be substantial! For just R3 9897,00 you will have Christoff Oosthuysen’s dedicated attention for five 2-hour consulting sessions.

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