“Do what you love”

Stumble upon something insightful and you just have to tell about it & share in the find! Take this five-year old post by Paul Graham. It may be a bit long for quick blog readers, but its worth investing a few minutes of your time…   To do something well you have to like it. […]

Achieve Automagical Results

When you know how to create the conditions for ‘Flow’, you can achieve more than you thought would be possible in your business – you’ll see great results as if by magic, while you only do what you love to do. Here are some practical tips on allowing your business to grow by achieving ‘Flow’. […]

Do what you love

The first “innovation secret” used by Steve Jobs is to “DO WHAT YOU LOVE”. Carmine Gallo lists 7 principles in his book “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs“. They are: 1. Do what you love 2. Put a dent in the universe – have a big vision 3. Kick-start your brain – use creativity and […]