The Joyful Janitor – a lesson in happy work

Do you take pride in your work and thoroughly enjoy what you do at work each day? Well, many would say that they just do a mundane job, and that there is little to enjoy in their responsibilities. Not correct! And I can prove it… Just visit the men’s arrival wash rooms at the Johannesburg […]

Practical Way To Measure Happiness At Work

Creating and maintaining a productive team is one of the most pressing challenges faced by managers in small and large companies alike. Now listen to how the folk over at Nixon MacInnes approaches this issue: “The key to building a great team is to create a wonderful place to work that will attract and keep […]

Increase productivity by being happy


“The single most efficient way to increase your productivity is to be happy at work.” – Alexander Kjerulf Kjerulf also says: – Your productivity will vary wildly from day to day. – Working more hours means getting less done. – Working harder means getting less done. – Procrastination can be good for you. – And […]