Switch off your inbox to get things done & increase productivity


Imagine getting five important tasks done every day, instead of just your usual four! Well, you can achieve this incredible increase in productivity by taking just one simple step — switch off your message-reminders! You can get into your flow and increase your productivity with 17{e42095093a56873cd52ce328b684ec04090f01af8d3dd0862e56b9475caff4d7} by removing distractions such as new inbox alerts on […]

Compressed acts of kindness makes you happier

open door

Random acts of kindness make the person performing the kind act happier when they’re grouped together within a shorter time period. Experimental psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky found in her happiness research that doing something for other people five times in one single day makes you happier than if you spread out those five acts over a […]

Make your meetings more meaningful


Here is quick advice on making meetings more effective from Mushahid Khan (President of O’Rourke Petroleum): We are on a mission to make our meetings more effective and we’ve implemented two steps to help us: 1. No meeting is more than one hour – ever! I was one of the biggest contributors to this problem […]